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  • 30-September-2009

    English, Excel, 376kb

    Why does the United States spend so much more on health than other countries?

    The United States spent 16% of its national income (GDP) on health in 2007, which is by far, the highest share in the OECD. This presentation was given by Mark Pearson, Head of OECD Health Division, to the U.S Senate Special Committee on Aging.

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  • 9-August-2009

    Slovak, Excel, 1,115kb

    OECD Health Working Papers No. 28 (in Slovak)

    Slovak translation of Health Working Paper No. 28: "Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Policies in Sweden", by Pierre Moïse and Elizabeth Docteur.

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  • 7-August-2009


    OECD Workshop on Best Practices in Assessing the Environmental and Economic Sustainability of Bio-based Products - Agenda and Presentations

    The workshop discussed existing sector, national, or international approaches for assessment of sustainability of bio-based products, such as bio-based chemicals, bio-based plastics, enzymes, bio-based materials, and biofuels.

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  • 9-July-2009


    Synthetic Biology

    Synthetic biology is a transformative set of technologies which offer great opportunities for the construction of bioengineered parts, devices and microorganisms.

  • 1-July-2009


    OECD Health Data 2009 – comparing health statistics across OECD countries

    The number of doctors per capita increased 2% per year on average across OECD countries between 1990 and 2007, but in some countries the trend is reversing.

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  • 26-June-2009


    OECD Workshop on Best Practices in Assessing the Environmental and Economic Sustainability of Bio-based Products - Montreal, Canada - 23-24 July 2009

    An OECD workshop hosted by Canada will be held on July 23-24, 2009 in Montréal, Québec immediately after the 6th World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bio-processing to discuss progress over the past 5 years in the methodologies used for sustainability assessment of bio-based products.

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  • 19-June-2009


    Health Working Paper No. 46: Education and Obesity in Four OECD Countries

    OECD Health Working Paper No. 46 presents the findings of health survey data from Australia, Canada, England and Korea. It shows that education appears to be associated with a lower likelihood of obesity, especially among women.

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  • 17-June-2009


    Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Health Systems- Case studies

    This OECD project is concerned with identifying main blockages and policies, incentives, or institutional arrangements under which ICTs can deliver the desired efficiency and quality improvements.

  • 25-May-2009

    English, , 2,570kb

    OECD Biotechnology Statistics 2009

    The 2009 edition brings together the latest available economic and activity data on biotechnology and innovation for 22 OECD members and four non-member countries. It builds on the extensive work of the OECD and national experts to improve the comparability of biotechnology statistics.

  • 15-May-2009


    Governments must do more to help most vulnerable amid rising unemployment, urges OECD

    Governments must urgently adapt their labour market policies to help their most vulnerable citizens in the economic crisis.

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