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  • 6-May-2010


    International Symposium on Opportunities and Challenges in the Emerging Field of Synthetic Biology: Synthesis Report

    This July 2009 symposium brought together the different communities – scientific, engineering, policy, public and legal – involved in synthetic biology and explored the opportunities and challenges posed by this emerging field.

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  • 3-May-2010


    OECD Health Working Paper No. 50: Health Systems Institutional Characteristics: A Survey of 29 OECD Countries

    In 2008, the OECD launched a survey to collect information on the health systems characteristics of member countries. This paper presents the informaton provided by 29 of these countries in 2009.

  • 31-March-2010


    OECD Health Working Paper No. 51: Effective Ways to realise Policy Reforms in Health Systems

    This paper is based on evidence from the countries which have seen their health systems reviewed by the OECD in recent years. It considers four issues in particular, these being the ones used across all the different reform areas covered by the Making Reform Happen project

  • 12-March-2010

    English, Excel, 604kb

    International Migration of Health Workers (Policy Brief)

    Because the international migration of doctors and nurses has become increasingly visible, it is often seen as the main culprit behind these shortages.

  • 11-March-2010


    OECD Workshop on Outlook on Industrial Biotechnology

    Workshop discussions were structured around a set of issues papers – one for each of the sessions. The workshop was set up as a working roundtable discussion. 50 participants familiar with data sources for industrial biotechnology attended the workshop.

  • 26-January-2010


    Internships – Trainees

    Health Division internship/trainee requests: please supply a CV, motivation letter, dates of availability and the minimum length of the internship desired to

  • 8-December-2009


    Expensive health care is not always the best health care, says OECD’s Health at a Glance

    The OECD’s latest edition of Health at a Glance shows that all countries could provide better health care.

  • 8-December-2009


    Health at a Glance 2009 eXplorer

    Use the interactive world map to choose key health indicators from Health at a Glance 2009.

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  • 7-December-2009

    English, , 287kb

    Guidelines for a Harmonised Statistical Approach to Biotechnology Research and Development in the Government and Higher Education Sectors

    The aim of these guidelines is to propose a harmonised approach for the collection and analysis of biotechnology research and development (R&D) statistics in the government and higher education sectors.

  • 26-November-2009


    OECD Health Working Paper No. 47: Health Care Quality Indicators Project: Patient Safety Indicators Report 2009

    This paper reports on the progress in the research and development of the set of patient safety indicators developed by the Health Care Quality Indicators project.

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