Health policies and data

Johan Calltorp, Nordic School of Public Health in Gothenburg




Johan Calltorp  MD, PhD is Professor of Health Policy and Management at the Nordic School of Public Health in Gothenburg Sweden and at the newly established Academy of Health Improvement at Jönköping University.  He is originally trained as a physician at Karolinska Institute and has been working within the area of Health Services Research since 1982. He defended his doctoral dissertation on Prioritisation and Swedish Health Policy at Uppsala University 1989.
Between 2000 and 2005 he was Director of Health Services in the newly formed Western Health Services Region. After this experience he has returned to an academic base and working on a focused approach to bridge the gap between academia and the practice of management and policy. Part of this work is linked to use detailed comparisons of the Swedish health system with other systems in Europe, US and Canada.

His research has focused on innovation and development of the Swedish health services system and especially the strategies and concrete tools to develop health services management and to stimulate health policy debate and formulation. He is Project Director of the Swedish Forum for Health Policy launched in May 2011,



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