Statistical Sources and Methods

  • 5-December-2014


    OECD Statistics on External Development Finance Targeting Environmental Objectives Including the Rio Conventions

    Statistics on external development finance extended with the purpose of assisting developing countries in the implementation of the three Rio Conventions.

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  • 24-April-2009

    English, , 593kb

    Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Post-Conflict Development

    This is one in a series of Advisory Notes that supplement the OECD DAC Good Practice Guidance on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). It guides planners and policy makers in applying SEA to post-conflict development.

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  • 19-June-2001


    Strategic Guidelines for the Design and Implementation of Domestic Transferable Permits

    These Guidelines indicate the potential for using transferable permit schemes at the local or national level to protect the environment or manage natural resources, and provide strategic advice for implementing such schemes.

  • 2-July-1998


    Final Guidance Document for Distinguishing Waste from Non-Waste [ENV/EPOC/WMP(98)1/REV1]

    This paper was submitted to the Delegates of the WMPG at the April 1998 meeting for consideration. The paper provides guidance for distinguishing wastes from non-wastes and outlines the remaining unresolved contentious issues.

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