News Release

  • 22-August-2013


    Future Flood Losses in Major Coastal Cities

    Climate change combined with rapid population increases, economic growth and land subsidence could lead to a more than 9-fold increase in the global risk of floods in large port cities between now and 2050.

  • 4-July-2013


    How can governments help people reduce their environmental footprint?

    Governments around the world are encouraging people to factor the environment into their everyday lives and purchases. Is it leading to more sustainable consumption? Are households ‘going green’?

  • 6-June-2013


    Green Growth should be at the heart of development policies, new OECD report says

    With 7 billion people in the world today and 9 billion by 2050, we must invest in development that will meet the growing demands for food, water and energy. The new OECD publication Putting Green Growth at the Heart of Development suggests that these investments could define a path for inclusive growth and sustainable development by focusing on people’s needs and prospects while respecting the environment.

  • 5-June-2013


    New OECD report offers tips on how households can green their behaviour

    People care for the environment, and a large majority state that they are willing to make compromises to green their lifestyle according to a new OECD survey of 12,000 households. However, the economic crisis has taken its toll, and the survey shows that the environment is slipping down on the list of people’s priorities.

  • 23-May-2013


    Cities: green policies can contribute to growth

    Cities can generate growth and jobs while becoming greener – this is the message of the OECD’s new Green Growth in Cities report. Drawing on case studies of Paris, Chicago, Kitakyushu and Stockholm, the report identifies green policies that can respond to urban growth priorities and suggests how to implement and finance them.

  • 22-May-2013


    Cash-strapped governments will need private sector investment to meet sustainable transport objectives, OECD says

    Boosting private sector investment in sustainable transport infrastructure will be essential as governments seek to meet long-term economic and environmental objectives at a time of constrained public finances, according to a new OECD report.

  • 16-May-2013


    Cities and Green Growth – Urban Evolution

    Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre 23 – 24 May

  • 28-January-2013


    OECD calls for better alignment of energy policy, public finances and environmental goals

    Two new OECD reports provide wide-ranging evidence of how reforming subsidies and tax breaks for fossil fuels can help countries boost finances and meet green objectives.

  • 8-January-2013


    Mexico can do more to promote socially-inclusive green growth

    Mexico is faced with difficult trade-offs as it pursues its economic, social and environmental goals. Like other emerging economies Mexico is balancing the need to protect its natural resources with the need to address high levels of income inequality and poverty.

  • 22-November-2012


    Sustainable Materials Management: Making Better Use of Resources

    Worldwide, 62 billion tons of natural resources – minerals, wood, metals, fossil and biomass fuels, and construction material – are extracted. On average, that’s almost 10 tons for every person on the earth. Of that, about one fifth ends up as waste and must be reused, recycled or disposed of in a way that is safe for people and the environment.

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