• 15-December-2016


    OECD Green Growth Newsletter

    Read our latest December edition and all previous issues of the newsletter. The December issue draws your attention to the OECD work on Mainstreaming Biodiversity, highlights recent Green Growth news such as the launch of GGKP’s BIG-E Database and Georgia’s adherence to the OECD Green Growth Declaration. It also highlights the OECD’s most recent publications.

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  • 25-November-2015


    What is green growth and how can it help deliver sustainable development?

    In the run up to Rio+20, governments must seize new opportunities to ensure that green growth - strong economies and a clean environment - offer the potential to increase the well-being of all citizens in all countries.

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  • 8-November-2013

    English, PDF, 495kb

    Green Growth Newsletter, November 2013

    Headlines: 2013 Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum: How to Unlock Investment in Support of Green Growth?; OECD Economic Survey: China 2013,Green Growth in Emerging and Developing Asia, Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia, IEA Southeast Asia Energy Outlook; UNFCCC COP19; Carbon Pricing: The Cornerstone of Climate Policy; OECD LEED-GIZ Workshop on Enabling Green and Inclusive Markets Through Green Skills Development.

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  • 4-October-2013

    English, PDF, 405kb

    Green Growth Newsletter, October 2013

    Headlines: 2013 Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum, 5-6 December 2013; In Focus: Water – International Year of Water, World Water Week and the OECD's Work on Water; Promoting Green Investment in Costa Rica; Promoting Green Growth in Brandenburg; Making Growth Green and Inclusive – The Case of Cambodia; Latest publications and key upcoming events.

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  • 29-May-2013


    OECD work on green growth

    The crisis convinced many countries that a different kind of economic growth is needed, which takes into account environmental, social and technological considerations.

  • 4-April-2012


    Sustainable development key reports

    Reports and brochures on sustainable development.

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  • 16-September-2011

    English, , 2,860kb

    Guidance on Sustainability Impact Assessment (PDF)

    This document offers a general introduction to sustainable impact assessment (SIA). SIA is an approach for exploring the combined economic, environmental and social impacts of a range of proposed policies, programmes, strategies and action plans.

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  • 3-May-2011

    English, , 2,985kb

    Better policies for better lives: The OECD at 50 and beyond

    The OECD’s 50th Anniversary is an opportunity to reaffirm what we stand for and what we are about. After 50 years, our objective is and remains to help member and partner country’s governments to formulate and implement better policies for better lives.

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  • 28-March-2011

    English, , 3,204kb

    OECD work on Sustainable Development

    This brochure gives an overview of OECD Sustainable Development programmes and initiatives, including key achievements and special initiatives for 2009-2010, and the Annual Meeting of Sustainable Development Experts (AMSDE) Activity Report.

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  • 24-November-2010

    Spanish, , 1,363kb

    La estrategia de crecimiento verde

    La Estrategia de Crecimiento Verde proporcionará recomendaciones de política pública y herramientas prácticas para ayudar a la OCDE y a los países socios a identificar cómo avanzar de manera eficiente hacia un crecimiento más ecológico.

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