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OECD Green Growth Newsletter Issue One: September 2010



Welcome to the first issue of the OECD Green Growth newsletter. The newsletter will keep OECD Committees and other groups participating in the Green Growth Strategy informed about the OECD’s green growth activities, and in particular the development of the Strategy’s policy recommendations.

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The OECD Green Growth Strategy is being developed to address both economic and environmental challenges, with input from multiple disciplines. As OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría said in April 2010:


"[...] Green Growth is not only an environmental imperative, it bears also the potential to contribute to better economic performance with new innovative technologies, new and more efficient productions methods with more sustainable value chains and new green jobs."


This work will change how we look at many aspects of economic activity. This is an opportunity for delegates and other stakeholders to provide their input and exchange perspectives on the key questions:

  • Why do we need greener growth?
  • What is greener growth and how do we achieve it?
  • How do we measure progress towards greener growth?

The outline of the Synthesis Report has just been posted on the International Green Growth Dialogue Clearspace site, and interested parties are invited to comment by 20 October. Using the IGGD for the first time?


The Interim Report of the Green Growth Strategy, presented to the Ministerial Council Meeting (MCM) in May 2010, contains preliminary findings on a number of key issues. The Synthesis Report will be delivered to the MCM in May 2011 and will address a broader range of issues.

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Focus on Smart ICTs

“Smart” ICT applications can play a key role in addressing the green growth challenge in areas such as energy, transport and water management. On 29 September 2010, the OECD is holding the Technology Foresight Forum in Paris to discuss environmental opportunities, existing barriers and some potential risks to the wider roll-out of smart infrastructures. Sessions will focus on smart technologies, smart lifestyles and electric mobility, and discuss how to exploit the potential of ICTs to contribute to a greener global economic recovery.

The OECD has published "Greener and Smarter: ICTs, The Environment and Climate Change”, which provides an overview of current work in this area as part of the wider Green Growth Strategy. The report develops a framework for assessing the environmental benefits and impacts of ICTs, including the direct impacts of technologies themselves as well the impacts of ICTs in improving environmental performance more widely. The report outlines empirical findings on environmental impacts for a range of ICT and Internet applications.

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27/08/2010 - Growth and Sustainability in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and South Africa

30/07/2010 - Economics Department working paper: Korea's green growth strategy: mitigating climate change and developing new growth engines.

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