Green growth and sustainable development

Measuring Sustainable Production


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ISBN Number: 978926404412-8
Publication Date: 

10 April 2008
Pages: 126


OECD Sustainable Development Studies

Measuring Sustainable production

OECD Publishing


Most people support sustainable development without knowing what it is. What exactly are sustainable consumption and sustainable production, and how are these practices identified? 

This volume reviews the state-of-the-art in measuring sustainable production processes in industry. It includes metrics developed by business, trade unions, academics, NGOs, and the OECD and IEA. These measurement approaches cover the "triple bottom line" (economic, environmental and social dimensions) of industrial sustainability.


 Table of contents


Workshop Overview by Candice Stevens

Part I. Keynote Addresses
  - Chapter 1: Sustainable Production as Good Business by Connie Hedegaard
  - Chapter 2: Sustainable Production as Industrial Policy by Finn Lauritzen

Part II. Workshop Presentations
  - Chapter 3: Developing Indicators of Energy Efficiency by Cecilia Tam
  - Chapter 4: Measuring Social Dimensions of Sustainable Production by Roland Schneider
  - Chapter 5: Measuring Ecological Footprints by Mathis Wackernagel
  - Chapter 6: Using Environmental Accounts by Lars Mortensen
  - Chapter 7: Surveying Firm Environmental Practices by Nick Johnstone
  - Chapter 8: Measuring Minimal Manufacturing by Hideki Kita
  - Chapter 9: Auditing Industry Performance by Johanne Gelinas
  - Chapter 10: Developing a Composite Sustainability Index by Rajesh Kumar Singh
  - Chapter 11: Developing a Product Sustainability Index by Wulf-Peter Schmidt

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