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ISBN Number: 9264018875
Released: 21 March 2007
Pages: 162


OECD Sustainable Development Studies

Institutionalising Sustainable Development

OECD Publishing

Achieving sustainable development depends on good governance practices, particularly the effective implementation of national sustainable development strategies which integrate government decision-making in the economic, environmental and social spheres. This volume contains recommendations for the true “institutionalisation” of sustainable development.  Institutionalisation will embed the concept in government operations for the long-term and will reduce the vulnerability of sustainable development aims to shorter-term political objectives.


Table of contents

Preface, Kiyo Akasaka, Deputy Secretary General, OECD, and JoAnne DiSano, Director, UN Division for Sustainable Development 
Workshop Overview and Recommendations, Candice Stevens, OECD Sustainable Development Advisor
Part I. Keynote Addresses
 - Chapter 1. Advancing Sustainable Development in Sweden, Mona Sahlin, Minister for Sustainable Development, Sweden
 - Chapter 2. Leadership for Sustainable Development, Jim MacNeill, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
 - Chapter 3. The Paradigm of Sustainable Development, Emil Salim, Asia-Pacific Forum for Environment and Development (APFED)
Part II. Workshop Reports
 - Chapter 4. Governance Structures for National Sustainable Development Strategies, Darren Swanson and Lássló Pintér, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) 
 - Chapter 5. Sustainable Development Governance Structures in the European Union, Ingeborg Niestroy,European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils
 - Chapter 6. Sustainable Development Governance in Germany, Guenther Bachmann,German Council for Sustainable Development
 - Chapter 7. Monitoring and Reviewing National Sustainable Development Strategies, Barry Dalal-Clayton and Steve Bass,International Institute for Environment and Development 
 - Chapter 8. Approaches for Evaluating National Sustainable Development Strategies, Clive George and Colin Kirkpatrick, University of Manchester
 - Chapter 9. Monitoring the Sustainability Strategy in Switzerland, Daniel Wachter, Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development

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