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  • 29-July-2004

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    Work Programme Overview - WGT

    This is a brief summary of the main areas of work carried out by the OECD Environment Directorate under the auspices of the Working Group on Transport (WGT) of the Working Party on National Environmental Policies (WPNEP).

  • 21-April-2004


    Recommendation of the Council on Assessment and Decision-Making for Integrated Transport and Environment Policy [C(200480]

    Confirms the importance Member countries attach to integrated transport and environment policy and decision making; and recommends that systematic evaluation of economic, social and environmental effects should underpin all transport plans and programs.

  • 8-October-1999


    Report on Indicators for the Integration of Environmental Concerns into Transport Policies, 1999

    The OECD maintains an extensive set of environmental indicators, including those related to transport. These are regularly updated and included in the OECD Environmental Data Compendium publications. A recent report on Indicators for the Integrat...

  • 20-June-1985


    Declaration on Environment: Resource for the Future [C(85)111]

    The Governments of OECD Member countries declare that they will ensure that environmental considerations are taken fully into account at an early stage in the development and implementation of economic and other policies in such areas as agriculture, industry, energy and transport.

  • 20-June-1985


    Recommendation of the Council on Strengthening Noise Abatement Policies [C(85)103]

    Recommends that Member countries undertake a significant improvement in their noise abatement policies by ensuring a more effective enforcement of existing noise abatement regulations.

  • 3-July-1978


    Recommendation of the Council on Noise Abatement Policies [C(78)73/FINAL]

    Recommends that member countries develop comprehensive noise abatement programmes and co-ordinate existing regulations and actions. In particular Member countries should develop comprehensive laws to cover all noise sources and means of action.

  • 14-November-1974


    Recommendation of the Council on Traffic Limitation and Low-Cost Improvement of the Urban Environment [C(74)218]

    Recommends that Member countries seek to strike a better balance between private and public transportation by encouraging local authorities and other responsible bodies, particularly in congested cities, to expand and improve the quality of transportation services.

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