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  • 8-February-2012


    Green Growth: Making it Happen

    Faced with low growth, high unemployment and weak public finances, countries need to pursue new strategies to put the global recovery back on track. OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría says green growth can boost productivity, create jobs and help build a stronger, cleaner and fairer world economy.

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  • 31-January-2012


    Greening cities, regions and communities

    Central government policy alone cannot ensure a green transition – cities, regions and communities can also be catalysts for environmental policy solutions.

  • 16-January-2012



    The OECD Green Growth Strategy aims to provide concrete recommendations and measurement tools, including indicators, to support countries’ efforts to achieve economic growth and development, while ensuring that natural assets continue to provide the resources and environmental services on which well-being relies. The strategy proposes a flexible policy framework that can be tailored to different country circumstances and stages of development. This report was coordinated with the International Energy Agency (IEA).

    This report looks at the role of the energy sector in moving towards a green growth model and the policies to facilitate the transition.  Together with innovation,  going green can be a long-term driver for economic growth, through, for example, investing in renewable energy and improved efficiency in the use of energy and materials. 

  • 11-January-2012


    Discurso Inaugural de la Conferencia de la Plataforma de Conocimientos sobre el Crecimiento Verde (GGKP)

    Crecimiento y medio ambiente no sólo pueden ir de la mano, tienen que ir de la mano. El crecimiento verde no sólo es impostergable, también puede ser nuestra salvación económica.

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  • 16-December-2011


    Green growth and energy efficiency

    In order to change the ways we produce, deliver and consume energy, governments can make immediate policy changes to promote energy-saving using existing measures, as well as longer-term efforts to improve infrastructure while using less energy, and to ensure better social and economic outcomes.

  • 25-October-2011


    Below the water line

    Investing in and managing water and sanitation is a complex challenge. In the context of the Global Forum on Environment this week, OECD looks at the financial realities of funding water infrastructure.

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  • 16-September-2011

    English, , 2,860kb

    Guidance on Sustainability Impact Assessment (PDF)

    This document offers a general introduction to sustainable impact assessment (SIA). SIA is an approach for exploring the combined economic, environmental and social impacts of a range of proposed policies, programmes, strategies and action plans.

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  • 12-September-2011


    Is green growth just a fantasy? Knowledge, innovation and the promise of a better life for all

    This post from the OECD Insights Blog discusses OECD's new study, "Fostering Innovation for Green Growth" and what governments can do to promote innovation and specific issues such as green innovation.

  • 17-August-2011


  • 16-August-2011


    Back to school

    Work hard at school, get a good education and you can get a good job – the familiar mantra of parents the world over. But is it still true at a time of shrinking government budgets and ballooning unemployment figures? And if so, what kind of education is best?

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