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  • 30-October-2001

    English, , 623kb

    Government Capacity to Assure High Quality Regulation in Japan

    Regulatory reform has emerged as an important policy area in OECD and non-OECD countries. Experience shows that institutional capacities and instruments are of crucial importance for a successful regulatory reform policy. This report on Governmen...

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  • 29-October-2001

    English, , 734kb

    Government Capacity to Assure High Quality Regulation in Italy

    This report analyses the institutional set-up and use of policy instruments in Italy. It also includes policy recommendations developed by the OECD during the review process.

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  • 29-October-2001

    English, , 685kb

    Government Capacity to Assure High Quality Regulation in Ireland

    Can the national administration ensure that social and economic regulations are based on core principles of good regulation?

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  • 2-October-2001

    English, , 28kb

    APEC Principles to Enhance Competition and Regulatory Reform

    These are the Principles that were included in the September 1999 APEC declaration for supporting growth through strong and open markets.

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  • 26-September-2001

    English, , 48kb

    EU’s developments - a shift to better regulatory quality

    This report by Manuel Santiago of the Directorate General Enterprise of European Commission constitutes the background for Session 1: Country Experiences with Regulatory Reform of the OECD Thessaloniki Seminar "Foundations for investment: Progres...

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  • 14-August-2001

    English, , 89kb

    The OECD Report on Regulatory Reform: Summary

    This Report responds to the 1995 request by OECD Ministers that the OECD examine the significance, direction, and means of reform in regulatory regimes in Member countries.

  • 10-August-2001

    English, , 17kb

    Objectives of a seminar on Foundations for Investment: Progress and Challenges in Regulatory Reform

    Objectives of an international seminar co-hosted by the Government of Greece and the OECD, as part of the Investment Compact Initiative on Regulatory Reform for South East Europe in the framework of the investment compact of the Stability Pact, 2...

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  • 5-July-2001

    Dutch, , 1,132kb

    Agence pour la simplification administrative : Jaarverslag 2000 - 2001 (rapport en néerlandais).

    Het voorbije werkjaar kende een moeilijke start.

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  • 4-July-2001

    English, , 36kb

    Regulatory Impact Analysis: Efficiency, Accountability, and Transparency

    The US Regulatory Impact Analysis Program as it operates today was established essentially in its present form by President Reagan 20 years ago, less than a month after he took office.

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  • 4-July-2001

    English, , 41kb

    Promoting Fair and Transparent Regulation in Securities Markets

    Transparency relates to the openness and impartiality of decision making in the design, introduction, administration and enforcement of new or amended regulations. Transparent and fair regulatory systems are essential to the development of deep ...

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