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Ex post law evaluation from legislative institutions


This seminar took place on 10 September 2012 in Santiago and focused on discussing how ex post law evaluation fits into the broader regulatory governance cycle, in light of the 2012 Recommendation of the OECD Council on Regulatory Policy and Governance. The topics dealt with positioning ex post evaluation as part of a broader regulatory governance system that takes input to amend existing regulations or create new ones.  The experience with the evaluation of Law 20 413 and how its conclusions have been used by executive agencies in Chile also provided materials for discussion.

Evaluating Laws and Regulations: The Case of the Chilean Chamber of Deputies


On 8-9 March 2012, an OECD High-level Parliamentary Seminar on Best Practices in Governance: The Role of Parliaments was held in Santiago and concentrated on governance and the specific role of parliaments. Issues such as budgeting, lobbying, and campaign financing were discussed based on the work developed by the OECD (see agenda).

A major component of the seminar was the discussion of the report resulting from the OECD programme of co-operation with Chile's Chamber of Representatives to establish a Department for Law Evaluation. This was one of the first initiatives taking advantage of OECD expertise to support legislative bodies in a practical way; transforming OECD knowledge into concrete recommendations to strengthen legislative tasks and creating room for the exchange of best practices. Sessions included discussions on methodologies for law evaluation, institutional design of the technical units carrying out law evaluation in parliamentary institutions, and techniques to incorporate citizens’ perceptions.

The audience consisted mainly of parliamentarians and technical staff from the units carrying out law evaluation in legislative bodies.


Following this seminar, the publication Evaluating Laws and Regulations: The Case of the Chilean Chamber of Deputies was released 16 May 2012. The executive summary of the publication is available in English and in Spanish. The full publication can be obtained through the following options:‌ 


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