Regional development

Rural Development



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Understanding rural economies

Rural regions in OECD countries are important economically and demographically. They account for 75% of the land and 25% of the population in OECD countries.

Increasing globalisation, improved communications and reduced transportation costs are also drivers of economic change in rural areas. 


OECD National Rural Policy Reviews assess the trends, strategies and the role of central governments in increasing the potential of rural areas.


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Service Delivery

Creative service delivery methods are especially needed in rural areas.


Food Security

Food security is a regional and rural issue requiring local approaches.


Rural innovation

The innovative ways that governments are developing and using local assets.

Rural at a Glance        

Mining Regions

Governance of Land Use


Regional Outlook

Regional Innovation 


Rural-urban Partnerships 

Indigenous Communities


OECD meeting on Mining Regions: Building a network to enhance productivity and well-being, Antofagasta, Chile

Seminar on linking rural definitions and policy for coordinated rural development, Warsaw Poland

Preliminary presentation of the OECD Territorial Review in Northern Sparsely Populuated Areas, Stockholm Sweden

OECD Rural Development Conference 2015, Memphis, USA

Delivering Productivity and Competitiveness for Rural Areas, Paris, France 

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