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Linking Indigenous communities with regional development


The OECD project on Linking Indigenous Communities with Regional Development was launched on 19 September 2017 in Quebec City, Canada. The event involved representatives from Australia, Canada, Colombia, the European Commission, Peru, Sweden and the United States.


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On 5 June 2018 the OECD and DG-MARE held a workshop on Indigenous Economic Development in the European Arctic in Brussels. The workshop included Indigenous representatives from Finland, Greenland, Norway, and Sweden, and representatives from the European Commission, and national and sub-national governments. 


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The project aims to develop policy recommendations for OECD Member countries (and non-Members that participating in the OECD Regional Development Policy Committee) to improve economic outcomes for indigenous communities by better linking them with regional development efforts.

The project will deliver a thematic report and a series of country case studies to identify evidence, good practice and recommendations to improve economic outcomes for indigenous communities in a regional context.  A number of events and workshops will also be held to promote knowledge-sharing amongst policy makers and indigenous leaders.



  • Improve policies related to indigenous economic development within countries through OECD expertise and peer review mechanism
  • OECD regional development framework can provide an integrated way to address key challenges – economic development, policy coherence, community capacity, and data – for indigenous communities
  • Opportunity to develop more strategic focus within the OECD and raise the profile of indigenous policies as a national economic policy issue




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