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  • 8-February-2016


    Towards Better Public Governance to Promote Prosperity for All - Keynote speech at 4th World Governance Summit

    The OECD is a strategic partner of the World Government Summit since its inaugural meeting in 2013. Our collaboration builds on the role of the OECD as a hub and facilitator for global governance, but also on our growing relations with the UAE and the Middle East and North Africa more broadly.

  • 4-February-2016


    Global Parliamentary Network - Launch of Financing for Democracy report

    Today we are launching a report to address many challenges of financing democracy, with a focus on funding of political parties and election campaigns and the risk of policy capture. Our report poses and answers several key questions.

  • 3-November-2015


    International Seminar on Governance and Development: Good Practices and the Role of External Control - Opening remarks

    We are here today because we share a common cause: better governance for better lives. And, today, we have an excellent opportunity to reflect on the vital role of supreme audit institutions – or SAIs – in achieving this goal.

  • 28-October-2015


    Public Governance Ministerial Meeting: Plenary session remarks

    Today’s discussions focus on the importance of good governance for inclusive and sustainable growth. This is a vast topic – as can be seen from the diversity of issues to be covered in the Ministerial labs later this morning – so I’d like to focus on two key areas: the role of regulation; and the imperative to shape a new vision for the public service.

  • 27-October-2015


    Public Governance Ministerial Meeting: Remarks at official dinner

    At an international level, we continue to face many challenges – slow growth, unemployment, growing inequality, loss of trust – all the legacies of the crisis. We are also confronting the risk of dramatic consequences from climate change. But, crucially, we face a growing appetite for action. For results.

  • 5-September-2015


    G20 Ankara: Presentation of the G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance

    Good corporate governance is a means to create a business environment of trust, transparency and accountability in order to support investment, financial stability and sustainable economic growth. The Principles provide policy makers and regulators with the necessary building blocks to create such an environment, based on sound rules and regulations.

  • 13-April-2015


    OECD Principles on Water Governance: From Vision to Action - 7th World Water Forum

    It is an honour to kick-off this multi-stakeholder panel on the OECD Principles on Water Governance. We are here because we share a common cause: better water governance for better lives.

  • 23-January-2015


    World Economic Forum: Press Conference on Anti-Corruption

    The World Economic Forum’s Global Challenge Partnership is a new and important weapon in the international anti-corruption arsenal. The OECD has also made tackling corruption a priority.

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  • 3-December-2014


    OECD Forum on Financing Democracy and Averting Policy Capture: Remarks by the OECD Secretary-General

    Six years into the crisis, people’s faith in government is stagnating at record lows. The 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer shows a continuing decline of trust in government to 44%, down from 48% in 2013. Only 15% of respondents in the 27 countries surveyed this year said they trusted their government leaders to make ethical and moral decisions.

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  • 25-November-2014


    4th Meeting of the OECD Water Governance Initiative

    This Initiative was created following the OECD’s commitment at the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille in 2012 to spearhead robust economic and evidence-based analysis, tailored policy dialogues, and multi-stakeholder consultation in support of better water governance.

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