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  • 27-April-2012


    Korea: a strong national urban strategy could drive resilient economic growth

    Korea has weathered the shocks triggered by the global recession and its economy is recovering more quickly and vigorously than most other OECD countries.

  • 12-April-2012


    Fiscal Consolidation: How much, how fast and by what means?

    The economic crisis has led to a surge in government deficits and pushed public indebtedness to 100% of GDP for the OECD as a whole in 2011. New research shows that bringing debt down to prudent levels will require sustained fiscal consolidation in most OECD countries.

  • 9-March-2012


    Governance: The Chicago Tri-State metro area is a powerful region – policy makers must work together to maintain a global pole position and fully realise the region’s potential

    Chicago is at a tipping point: despite economic strengths, it faces considerable challenges to compete in the “Premier League” of world-class cities, warns the OECD’s review of the Chicago Tri-State Metropolitan Region.

  • 8-March-2012


    Governance: Innovative Urban Financing can help cities to grow green and generate jobs

    Cities are ready to lead efforts to green the economy, concluded participants of the OECD Roundtable of Mayors and Ministers meeting in Chicago on March 8th, 2012.

  • 9-December-2010


    Fighting corruption: OECD launches business integrity project in Middle East and North Africa

    The OECD will carry out a three-year project to promote business integrity in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • 12-October-2010


    E-Leaders are at the core of public sector reforms for cash-strapped governments, says OECD

    The OECD convened the 2010 E-Leaders Meeting on 11-12 October in Brussels, Belgium as part of continuing efforts to help member countries plan and implement their e-government strategies.

  • 28-April-2010


    Gender : Encouraging gender equality in the Middle East and North Africa

    Governments in the Middle East and North Africa increasingly recognise that gender equality - encouraging the talents, skills, education and productivity of all their citizens, including women - will make their countries stronger.

  • 15-March-2007


    OECD ermutigt Deutschland zu einer Neuausrichtung der Förderpolitik für die ländlichen Räume

    Prüfbericht zur Politik für ländliche Räume: in Deutschland ist die Politik zur Entwicklung der ländlichen Räume noch immer stark auf den Agrarsektor konzentriert. In anderen Bereichen, die einen bedeutenden Beitrag zu Wachstum und Beschäftigung leisten könnten, werden dagegen die Entwicklungschancen noch nicht ausreichend genutzt.

  • 7-September-2005


    China needs far-reaching reforms in public and corporate governance, OECD says

    China needs to make wide-ranging changes in the way it runs its public and private sectors if it is to continue on a stable growth path leading to full integration into the world economy, according to a new report from the OECD.

  • 17-June-2003

    Spanish, , 57kb

    Los países de la OCDE acentúan la competitividad e iniciativa del sector privado para el desarrollo regional

    OECD countries are downplaying subsidies as a way of promoting regional development and laying more stress on regional competitiveness, private investment and reliance on local assets, both natural and man-made. This will be the theme of a meetin...

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