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  • 17-March-2015


    Regulatory Impact Analysis

    OECD work and publications on the topic of Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) and member country guidance on conducting impact assessments.

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  • 19-December-2014


    The OECD Network of Economic Regulators

    The OECD NER provides the opportunity for economic regulators from different sectors and different jurisdiction to discuss and share experiences and frame the features of a “world class regulator”.

  • 3-December-2014


    OECD Programme on Water Governance

    The 'water crisis' is largely a governance crisis. Water governance is the set of rules, practices, and processes through which decisions for the management of water resources and services are taken and implemented, and decision-makers are held accountable.

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  • 28-November-2014


    Financing Democracy

    People’s faith in government is stagnating at record lows, with citizens questioning their trust in government leaders to make ethical and moral decisions. People increasingly feel that democracy is not working in their favour. A key reason for this is the perception that when it comes to politics, money talks.

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  • 28-November-2014


    Resilient Cities

    How can cities achieve "resilient economies and inclusive societies"?

  • 27-November-2014



    Lobbying is the worldwide practice of influencing decision making process by special interests. Lobbying provides decision makers with valuable data and insight for more informed decisions and also enables stakeholders’ voices to be heard.

  • 3-November-2014


    International Regulatory Co-operation

    This programme on international regulatory co-operation is a unique attempt to gather the available evidence on the gains that can be achieved through greater co-ordination of rules and their application across jurisdictions.

  • 29-October-2014

    English, PDF, 330kb

    IPSASB Consultation Summary

    Summary of the IPSASB Review Group consultation

  • 24-October-2014


    7th World Water Forum

    The OECD is co-ordinating the 'Effective Governance' group of the Thematic Process, with the support of key partners (ASTEE/IWA, OIeau/INBO, UNESCO-IHP, Suez Environment, SIWI, WIN and Transparency International, FAO, Water Youth Network, K-Water and Asan Institute for Policy Studies).

  • 14-October-2014


    Women in Government

    Ensuring that governments reflect the diversity of the societies they represent guarantees a balanced perspective which enables an inclusive approach to policy making and service delivery.

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  • Women, Government and Policy Making in OECD Countries
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