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  • 14-December-1999

    English, , 128kb

    The size and role of automatic fiscal stabilisers, EO66 ch.4

    OECD Economic Outlook No. 66, Chapter 4. Many components of government budgets are affected by the macroeconomic situation in ways that operate to smooth the business cycle, i.e. they act as “automatic stabilisers”.

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  • 14-December-1999

    English, , 142kb

    Public debt management at the cross-roads, EO66 ch.6

    OECD Economic Outlook No. 66, chapter 6. Rising debt-to-GDP ratios until the 1990s made governments more aware of costs in managing their public debt.

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  • 10-May-1999

    English, , 321kb

    The Problems and Prospects Faced by Pay-as-You-Go Pension Systems: A Case Study of Greece (Economics Department Working Paper 215)

    The main focus of this working paper is on the factors of the Greek pay-as-you-go system which result in its future unsustainability.

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  • 5-May-1999

    English, , 354kb

    Greek Public Enterprises: Challenges for Reform (Economics Department Working Paper 214)

    This working paper suggests that a successful reform of public enterprises would improve productivity in key sectors of the Greek economy, and thus provide essential inputs at lower cost to the economy as a whole.

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  • 20-December-1998

    English, , 110kb

    Challenges for monetary and fiscal policies in the euro area, EO64 ch.4

    Chapter 4 ot the OECD Economic Outlook No. 64. EMU raises new policy issues in the euro area.

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  • 23-June-1998

    English, , 324kb

    Macroeconomic Effects of Pension Reforms in the Context of Ageing Populations: Overlapping Generations Model Simulations for 7 OECD Countries (Economics Department Working Paper 201)

    Using overlapping generations (OLG) models calibrated on 7 OECD countries - the United States, Japan, France, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom and Sweden - the authors investigate the macroeconomic impact of possible pension reform strategies as populations age.

  • 17-June-1998

    English, , 91kb

    Forces shaping tax policy

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  • 23-May-1993

    English, , 1,045kb

  • 10-November-1991

    English, , 607kb

    Real interest rate trends: the influence of saving, investment and other factors

    An examination of factors underlying saving, investment and real interest rates over recent decades suggests that high real interest rates over recent decades suggests that high real interst rates may continue to prevail. Is this a cause for concern? OECD Economic Studies No. 17.

  • 2-June-1987

    English, , 277kb

    International comparisons of tax levels: pitfalls and insights

    How much do tax levels vary among OECD countries, and how should these differences be interpreted? OECD Economic Studies No. 8.

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