Template to Solicit Supplier Information






  • To complement market studies research with firsthand knowledge from the market suppliers. This knowledge will assist in refining tender requirements and the choice of tender method, inform tender evaluation through the collection and analysis of information on the market structure, suppliers capabilities and price trends. It may also encourage suppliers who have never participated in a request to gain knowledge on the procuring authorities needs and future plans.

  • To document the contacts the procuring authority has established with suppliers













A template to solicit supplier information is a complementary tool to conduct a market study. It serves to structure information, ideas and opinions solicited from suppliers to be used in market studies. This information can be used by procurement practitioners as input to define procurement requirements, select the appropriate tender method, analyse and evaluate proposals/submissions from bidders/suppliers and better determine the outcome of the best solution in terms of outcomes, price and risk.


The template may be particularly helpful to encourage participation from suppliers that have previously not participated in public tenders, including those that do not have a readily available catalogue of their goods and services. It may also help solicit information on goods and services currently under development.




Further reading


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