Procurement management dashboard






  • To provide procurement practitioners with consolidated and up-to-date information on individual contracts and pending tasks to support good contract management.



A management procurement dashboard provides consolidated and up-to-date information to procurement practitioners on the procurement tenders/contracts they are directly responsible. Information may relate to both the financial and non-financial performance status of procurement packages—both quantitative and qualitative in nature. It may also include information on pending tasks to support good contract management.



Generic content of a management procurement dashboard


General project information: project name, project description, total project cost, etc.

Project management information: organisational division, project manager and contact details


Contractor information: company name and contact details.


Implementation schedule: project schedule (payment, deliverables), deviation between aggregated planned and actual project milestones.

Evaluation framework, comments from procurement staff, date/time of last data update, expected future reporting update. Can be applied to overall project, cost dimensions, schedule dimensions, qualitative assessments of contractor performance etc.


Payment schedule: expected spending by year, payment, variance from cost information.

Information may be coded to give an overall rating of projects, together with information on calculation methodology.


Project documentation: contract documents, meeting minutes, audit reports, etc.



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