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OECD Recommendation

Drive performance improvements through evaluation of the effectiveness of the public procurement system from individual procurements to the system as a whole, at all levels of government where feasible and appropriate.


  • Assess periodically and consistently the results of the procurement process (on the basis of consistent, up-to-date and reliable information)
  • Develop indicators to measure performance, effectiveness and savings of the public procurement system  

Challenges to public procurement related to evaluation include:

  • Public procurement data is not always collected in a robust and consistent manner; statistical information is consequently not accurate and reliable and cannot be used for future procurement decisions; and
  • Lack of performance measurement frameworks and indicators which impedes analysis of the effectiveness of the public procurement systems over time; and 
  • Lack of performance assessments which can hinder the use of national public procurement systems by providers of development cooperation in order to implement external funds. 

Other institutions’ work on evaluation