Index of tools by procurement cycle


Pre-tendering phase




Checklist record keeping

Template for market study report 

Template to solicit supplier information                                                                                   

Criteria for selecting appropriate tender methods                                            

Checklist to enhance integrity in non-competitive tender methods

Template for non-competitive tender method reporting

Guidelines for accelerated public procurement procedures

Checklist to design tender methods to reduce bid rigging


Tendering phase


Guidelines for detecting bid rigging in public tenders                          

Anti-collusion tender clause

Certificate of independent bid determination

Access to contractor information clause                                                                          

Guidelines for supplier debriefings

Model format for supplier debriefings

Template for supplier questionnaire

Indicators of procurement risk


Post-award phase




Online public procurement reporting

Post-award risk assessments of financial vulnerability of contractors                         

Indicators of procurement risk 

Entire procurement cycle




Code of conduct for procurement practitioners

Registration of personal interests

Gifts and gratuities checklist

Procurement management dashboard                                         

Checklist record keeping

Indicators of procurement risk

Checklist record keeping