Policy Framework on Sound Public Governance

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From June to August 2019, the OECD is launching an online public consultation process on the draft Policy Framework on Sound Public Governance* to receive concrete input and comments on the content of the Framework as well as to identify potential thematic gaps and future challenges for public governance. All interested stakeholders, including governments, civil society organizations, international organisations, the private sector, academics and individuals are encouraged to participate in this consultation and help shape the future of the OECD’s work on public governance.

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To help governments at all levels respond to increasingly complex policy challenges, the OECD is developing an integrated diagnostic tool, the draft Policy Framework on Sound Public Governance*, to support policymakers in:

  • designing and implementing public governance reforms
  • harnessing good governance practices

The Framework weaves together existing OECD legal instruments and tools on public governance and will highlight areas which are becoming increasingly relevant. 

Please complete the questionnaire before 31 August 2019.

Why a policy framework?

The draft Framework aims to support policymakers by consolidating an integrated vision and coherent narrative of the main elements of sound public governance in OECD Member and non-Member countries. It builds on lessons learned and on practice-based evidence of what works, what does not and why, gathered over the past decade through the OECD’s work. 

The draft Framework seeks to provide governments at all levels with an integrated self-assessment and guidance tool to:

  • Design and implement public governance reforms that can lead to improvements in, and the sustainability of, prosperity for their country and wellbeing for its citizens; 
  • Design and implement reforms in any policy area by integrating into the reform initiative public governance approaches for effective policy-making; 
  • Design and pursue a public governance reform agenda that can enable governments to move closer to OECD standards and best/good practice in this area.

How does the draft framework work?

The Framework consists of five chapters, which are clustered in two parts:

  • Values and Enablers of Sound Public Governance and 
  • Sound Public Governance for Policy Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation.

At the conclusion of each chapter, the draft Framework poses a small number of strategic questions that policy-makers can use to self-assess their government’s institutional and decision-making capacity in key public governance areas. The questions seek to guide policy-makers in determining whether their governments have adopted good practices in light of the evidence the OECD has gathered in each governance area on country trends and practice in pursuing reforms and in designing, implementing, and evaluating policies.

The draft Framework also provides a list of additional resources that can help policymakers gain a better understanding of OECD standards and practice in sound public governance.

The Framework consists of five chapters, which are clustered into two parts:

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* The draft Policy Framework on Sound Public Governance is still a work in progress at the OECD and its content may be subject to modifications, including in order to take account of comments received through the present public consultation.