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Symposium on the learning government


On February 3-4, 2003, OECD/GOV held a symposium on "The learning government: Managing knowledge in central government". The goal of the symposium was to provide tools for the governments of OECD member countries to become better "learning organisations" by improving the knowledge base of their activities and policies. The symposium analysed the increasing pressures of the knowledge-intensive economy on public organisations. It also reviewed the challenges created by the increasing variety of sources of knowledge and the tools available to governments to best incorporate this new knowledge into their policies and services delivered.

Based on the results of the OECD survey of knowledge management practices for ministries/departments/agencies of central government, and on presentations and analysis of cases by practitioners of governments of OECD member countries, the symposium enabled concrete conclusions to be drawn about possible reforms, their sequence, and tools, and led to recommendations for governments of OECD member countries.

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