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Network on Open and Innovative Government in Latin America and the Caribbean



LAC countries have undertaken great efforts to design and implement public sector reforms inspired by the principle of open government and have collaborated regionally to share good practices.

They have also drawn on the Open Government Partnership (OGP) to combine their own efforts with genuine support from the international community.
Today, 15 Latin American and Caribbean countries have already joined the OGP and many others have expressed interest to implement reforms to meet its eligibility criteria.   

The OECD Network on Open and Innovative Government in Latin America and the Caribbean, is a platform to provide the LAC region with the opportunity to engage in policy dialogue, knowledge transfer, and exchange of good practices with OECD countries in the areas of good governance, open government, public sector innovation, digital governance and open data, and citizen participation.  

The objectives of the network

  • Connect reformers around the region from government, civil society, business associations to exchange ideas, experiences, and knowledge on how to build better and stronger public institutions;
  • Identify good practices of open and innovative governments and create a space conducive to their dissemination, through data collection and analyses, policy assessments, and peer review processes;
  • Provide examples and recommendations to its members on how to sequence open government reforms within the regional and country-specific context and support their implementation to promote socio-economic development and regional integration.


Activities of the network 

  • Policy dialogue and assistance to implementation
  • Supporting national and regional policy priorities
  • Collecting data and producing analyses for better decision making
  • Governance of the Network





OECD Data Analysis and Reports 

Open Government in Latin America - 2014

Open Government in Latin America, 2014





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