GOVERNANCE MAKES INCLUSIVE GROWTH HAPPEN!                                                                           

In many countries inequality is growing as the benefits of economic growth go to the richest members of society. Inclusive Growth is all about changing the rules so that more people can contribute to and benefit from economic growth.

Governance - the way that governments do their jobs - can make the difference as to whether growth benefits everyone, or just a few. Discover why governance is the motor of this new kind of growth.  


GOV Ministerial Website   Inclusive growth requires listening to lots of diverse voices in shaping policies 

  • ‌Give a voice to all and create conditions for greater engagement in policy making & service delivery.
  • Improve opportunities to participate in decision making for all groups in society.
  • Integrate gender & broader diversity considerations when reaching out to citizens.
  • Avoid the risk of policy capture by vested interests through transparency & public consultation.
GOV Ministerial Website   Designing policies for inclusive growth requires that all parts of government work together

  • Understand the types of policy instruments at the disposal of governments.
  • Join up government efforts and identify the best combination of policy instruments for more effective policies.
  • Learn from good regulatory practice to foster a whole-of-government approach.
  • Leverage budgets to promote coordinated policy action.
  • Lead and coordinate the role of the centre of government.
GOV Ministerial Website   Services that promote inclusive growth are delivered when the public sector is as diverse as the communities it serves.

  • Assess the new skill needs that are emerging & take advantage of digitalisation opportunities.
  • Align the civil service around a set of shared values & strengthen capacity for leadership.
  • Better gender balance contributes to more inclusive institutions & better outcomes.
  • Inclusive and diverse institutions contribute to a more inclusive society.
GOV Ministerial Website   Inclusive growth objectives are met when results are measured and people are accountable. 

  • Policy evaluation promotes transparency and good governance through greater accountability. 
  • Who are or should be the actors of policy evaluation? How can we empower them and enable capacity for joint action?
  • How can countries develop better and more coordinated government wide evaluation systems?
  • How can we identify what works and what does not to benefit from success as well as from failure?