In many countries, people have not seen their real incomes rise for several years. Average income of the richest 10% is now almost 10 times that of the poorest 10%. Rising inequalities are polarising societies into the haves and have-nots, eroding confidence in public institutions. 

Growth needs to take a new direction towards inclusiveness, placing improvements in societal well-being at the heart of economic policy making. 


  • Inclusive Growth calls for a better, more informed, more inclusive Policy Making Process that explicitly targets inclusive growth outcomes.

  • Policy making for Inclusive Growth requires a whole-of-government approach that leverages informed decision making and gives all stakeholders a voice.

  • Governing for Inclusive Growth entails aligning public governance institutions, tools and processes to improve coherence and co-ordination across sectors and levels of government.

  • Inclusive Growth begins with a more inclusive policy making process, involving a broader mix of under-served or excluded populations whose voices are too easily overwhelmed by powerful, well-organised interest groups.

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