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Since 2003, the OECD has held a series of E-leaders meetings. These meetings provide senior government officials responsible for e-government a forum for strategic exchange of opinions and practices among peers.
The OECD experience has shown the importance of limiting these exchanges to a restricted number of colleagues holding similar functions at a comparable level of responsibility. For these reasons, each country is invited to nominate a high-level delegation head representing the country at the table and up to three additional participants closely involved in e-government policy development. Please note that the first day of the meeting is open to all participants, whereas the second day is exclusively reserved to OECD member country and official observer delegations.

The 2014 OECD E-Leaders meeting is hosted by the Agency for Digitisation of the Danish Government and will be held on 22-23 September in central Copenhagen, Denmark.


The meeting venue is: Eigtveds Pakhus, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Asiatisk Plads 2 G, Copenhagen.


Several accommodation options are available and can be booked using the following link:


Country representatives can register now for the meeting by contacting:


Visa: Please note that participants must obtain a visa priory to arrival if they come from a country with a visa requirement for entering Denmark. See the list of countries whose citizens need a visa to enter Denmark. For further information please contact Mr. Yih-Jeou Wang at:  



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E-Leaders 2014 meeting location

Eigtveds Pakhus, Ministry of Foreign Affairs