Participants 2012


Opening speakers are

  • Mr Rafael Morgan Ríos (Mexico), Minister for Public Administration
  • Mr Yves Leterme (OECD), Deputy Secretary-General and former Prime Minister of Belgium
  • Mr Chris Vein (United States), Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Government Innovation, Office of Science and Technology Policy

The meeting is chaired by

  • Ms Ann Steward (Australia), Government Chief Information Officer and Chair of the OECD Network on E-Government.


A detailed list of participants will be posted closer to the meeting. It includes

  • Ms Corinne Charette (Canada), Government CIO, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat 
  • Mr Carlos Viniegra (Mexico), Government CIO
  • Mr Lars Frelle-Petersen (Denmark), Government CIO, Agency for Digitisation 
  • Ms Jo Clift (United Kingdom), Deputy Government CIO, Cabinet Office 
  • Mr Matthew Stepka (Google), Vice President Business operations and strategy
  • Mr Hearyun Kim (Korea), Deputy Director Informatisation Planning and Coordination, Ministry of Public Administration and Security
  • Mr Rafael Ariztía (Chile), Executive Coordinator of the State Modernisation and E-government Agenda, Ministry Secretariat of the Presidency
  • Mr Andres Bustamente (Chile), Director for E-government Agenda, Ministry Secretariat of the Presidency
  • Mr John Kootstra (Netherlands), Policy Advisor Citizenship and Information Policy, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations
  • Mr Tsuyoshi Yoshimuta (Japan), Director for Government Information Systems, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
  • Mr Margus Püüa (Estonia), Director for State Information Systems, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
  • Mr Emilio García (Spain), Policy Advisor E-government, Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Administrations
  • Mr Alexey Khersontsev (Russia), Director for State Governance, Ministry for Economic Development
  • Ms Julia Sedova (Russia), Chief specialist e-government, Ministry for Economic Development
  • Mr Frank Leyman (Belgium), International relations manager, FEDICT - Service Public Fédéral Technologie de l'Information et de la Communication - via video-link 
  • Mr Gonçalo Caseiro (Portugal), Executive Board Member, Agency for Public Services Modernisation - via video-link


  • Ms Orietta Maizza (Italy), Head of International Affairs, Digitization of Public Administration 
    and Technological Innovation, Presidency of the Council of Ministers - via video-link 
  • Mr Jacob Batista de Castro Junior (Brazil), Director for Networked Government Services, Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management
  • Ms Theresa Pardo, (University at Albany), Director of the Center for Technology in Government
  • Mr David Eaves, Public policy entrepreneur and open government activist 
  • Mr Jorge Soto (CitiVox), Chief Strategist
  • Mr Laurence Millar (FutureGOV Asia), Editor-at-large and former Government CIO of New Zealand
  • Ms Monica Mistretta (, Mexico), CEO 
  • Ms Anne-Lise Thieblemont (Qualcomm Inc.), Senior Director for Government Affairs - representing the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD (BIAC)
  • Mr Bob Benson (Cutter Consortium), Government and Public Sector Fellow
  • Ms Silvana Rubino-Hallman (Inter-American Development Bank), E-government lead
  • Mr Alan Marcus (World Economic Forum), Senior Director



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