OECD E-Leaders Meeting 2010


E-Leadership for Better Performing Government


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The high-level OECD E-Leaders Meeting 2010 brought together the most senior government officials responsible for e-government in each OECD member country and provided them with an opportunity to discuss long-term strategies.


Today, the key priority for e-leaders is to secure the best use of e-government in order to achieve stronger, cleaner and fairer economies. The OECD E-Leaders Meeting thus provided the opportunity to discuss with other countries: (i) how to strategically improve public sector performance and productivity; (ii) how governments can deliver on promises by becoming more open and transparent; and (iii) how to best achieve results through monitoring performance.  


Meeting Documents


The Meeting was hosted by the Belgian Federal Public Service of ICT (Fedict) in the context of the Belgian EU Presidency and was held on 11-12 October 2010 in Brussels, Belgium.





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