Public governance

Compensation for Select Central Government Positions (2009)



Compensation for select central government positions relative
to average tertiary educated wage (2009)




Source: Government at a Glance 2011


For the first time, the OECD has published compensation data for select occupations in central government, including senior and middle managers, as well as for analyst positions. The remuneration packages of government officials are under close scrutiny in many OECD countries, as governments are forced to implement strict austerity packages following the crisis.


In support of evidence-based policy making, the OECD presents data on civil servants’ wages and salaries relative to the average tertiary educated wage in the labour market. Relative to this comparator, senior managers take home 2.5 times more while economist/policy analysts earn about the same as than those also holding a university degree.




Compensation refers to wages and salaries earned per year, excluding employers’ social contributions.

Data here depict the OECD average.



See  Government at a Glance 2011 for additional data and methodological notes. 




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