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  • 18-February-2002

    English, , 14kb

    Results Focussed Management and Budgeting: Working Definitions

    There is much confusion as to the meaning of different words connected to result focussed management and budgeting. Outcomes, outputs, inputs, performance, results, innovation and learning are all rather imprecise and often confused when translat...

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  • 24-January-2002


    Global Forum on Social Equity, Economic Growth and Good Governance

    Johannesburg, South Africa, 23-24 November 2001 Part of the The OECD-Southern Africa Dialogue, the forum discussed different national approaches to strengthening the triangulation of good public governance, economic growth and social equity.

  • 23-January-2002


    Governing for Performance in the Public Sector, OECD/Germany High-level Symposium

    Information on a OECD/Germany High-level Symposium, "Governing for Performance in the Public Sector", Berlin, 13-14 March 2002

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  • 4-January-2002


    Devolving and Delegating Power to More Autonomous Public Bodies and Controlling Them: The Governance of Public Agencies and Authorities

    Conference for High-Level Officials, held in Bratislava on 22-23 November 2001, hosted by the Government of the Slovak Republic and organised by the Public Management Service of the OECD (PUMA).

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  • 22-November-2001

    English, , 11kb

    Welcoming Address

    Welcoming Address by His Excellency Mr. Ivan Miklos, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs of the Slovak Republic, at the Conference for High-Level Officials "Devolving and Delegating Power to More Autonomous Public Bodies and Controlling Th...

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  • 7-March-1997

    English, , 1,981kb

    Modern Budgeting (publication)

    This publication examines how five member countries implemented budgeting reforms in 1994-95. The reforms focussed on giving spending agencies greater flexibility in using resources, in exchange for holding them responsible for achieving results.

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  • 13-August-1996

    English, , 3,938kb

    Performance Management in Government: Contemporary Illustrations, Public Management Occasional Papers No. 9

    This collection of papers illustrates the increasing momentum of performance management developments in OECD countries and raises many common issues which must be faced when developing a focus on performance as part of overall public management reform.

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