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Trust in Government - Inclusive Policy Making



Moving from an approach that focuses principally on policy measures to one that understands better "how" policies are designed and implemented will help strengthen institutions and in turn promote greater trust between citizens and government.

A priority for governments should be to build a policy making process conducive to trust.  Concerns over the undue influence of vested interests over decision making has led to increasing demands for more transparency and a greater commitment to safeguarding the public interest. Efforts to guarantee that the policy making process is open, inclusive and fair would improve the quality of policy decisions.

A policy-making process conducive to trust is built on informed decisions using reliable and relevant information, that are in the public interest, and are carried out with high standards of behaviour. 


  • Inclusive growth policies move beyond GDP as a measure of success, to target outcomes that matter most to people’s lives.

  • Inclusive growth brings the benefits of growth to a larger number of people in different social groups.

  • Inclusive growth policy making evaluates the effects of policies on growth, income, and other outcomes that matter for well-being, e.g., health and jobs.

  • Inclusive growth strategies set in motion a virtuous cycle to build fairer societies and stronger, sustainable growth.


  • Inclusive Growth calls for a better, more informed, more inclusive Policy Making Process that explicitly targets inclusive growth outcomes.

  • Policy making for Inclusive Growth requires a whole-of-government approach that leverages informed decision making and gives all stakeholders a voice.

  • Governing for Inclusive Growth entails aligning public governance institutions, tools and processes to improve coherence and co-ordination across sectors and levels of government.

  • Inclusive Growth begins with a more inclusive policy making process, involving a broader mix of under-served or excluded populations whose voices are too easily overwhelmed by powerful, well-organised interest groups.


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