Risk governance

5th OECD High Level Risk Forum - Presentations powerpoints


Washington D.C. United States, 8th to 10th of December 2015

Presentations of the meeting 

The 5th OECD High Level Risk Forum (HLRF) brought together policy makers from 30 governments, practitioners from the private sector and experts from think-tanks and academia to share good practices with the aim to improve the governance and management of complex risks.



Tuesday 8th of December 2015  - Anticipating Global Risks and Threats

   Session 3. Anticipating long term global risks and threats



Session 4. Communicating emerging Threats and potential crises to leaders


 Sesion 5. Task Force on Charting Illicit Trade: Anticipating the risks from global illicit trafficking

 6. Assessing the implications of long term climate trends and interconnected risks.




Wednesday 9th of December 2015  - Closing the Gaps in Risk Governance

 Session 9. Builing Resilience for a Sustainable Future


  Session 12. Partnering in the energy sector

Friday 10th of December  -  Identifying good practices in thh governance of risk

Session 14.  Strategic crisis management 






Session 15.  Raising awareness to risks effectively and improving risk communication



Session 16.  Overview of on-going and future HLRF projects


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