Risk governance

3rd OECD High Level Risk Forum presentations


11 December - Expert Meeting: New Challenges in Risk Assessment


Session 1 – Pushing beyond ‘Big Data’ to ‘Big analytics’ in risk assessment

Session 2 – Framework for estimating total economic impacts of disasters

Focus on National Risk Assessments (A) – How to capture psychological impacts of major risks?

  • Dr. Brooke Rogers, Kings College London

Focus on National Risk Assessments (B) – How to capture the likelihood and impact of cyber threats in National Risk Assessments?

  • Ms. Zing Lim and Dr. Luke Ho, National Security Coordination Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore

Focus on National Risk Assessments (C) – How should governments communicate risks to government departments, the private sector and the public at large?

  • Roundtable discussion moderated by Ulf Bjurman


12 December - High Level Risk Forum (Day One)


Towards OECD Principles for Risk Governance (Plenary 1)

 A Boost to resilience through innovative risk governance (Parallel session 1)

Innovative practices in national preparedness: quality assurance and public/private partnerships (Parallel session 2)

OECD Peer review of flood risk management of the River Seine in the Ile-de-France region (Plenary 2)

13 December - High Level Risk Forum (Day Two)

 Strategic Crisis Management (Parallel session 3)

Public budgeting for disasters: managing contingent liabilities (Parallel session 4)

Using lessons learned from disasters for policy reform (Plenary session 3)



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