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Regulatory Policy Outlook 2015 country profile

Read Mexico's country profile to learn about latest developments on regulatory policy in the country, including its score on the 2015 Indicators of Regulatory Policy and Governance.

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OECD reports


The reports below on Mexico were published in 1999, 2004, 2012, 2014 and 2016 in the framework of the OECD Programme on Regulatory Reform. The 2011 report was published in the framework of the OECD Public Governance Reviews where Chapter 1 is devoted to regulation inside goverment in Mexico. The 2012 report on cadastres and public registries was published in the framework of co-operation with the Ministry of Social Development. The 2014 report assesses Mexico's efforts to develop and deepen regulatory policy and governance. It evaluates the policy cycle for the design, enforcement, evaluation and review of regulations at the national and sub-national levels. The 2016 ABC manual is a practical guide on better regulation designed for officials, businessmen and citizens.  



Regulatory policy and governance in Mexico


The OECD established the programme Strengthening Economic Competition and Regulatory Improvement for Competitiveness with Mexico’s Ministry of the Economy. It aims at boosting productivity, promoting employment and higher output, and improving GDP growth. Taking advantage of its expertise and knowledge on best international practice, the OECD Secretariat is advising and collaborating with the Ministry of the Economy to improve competitiveness in Mexico. The programme, started in 2008, has been accompanied by several events:


11 February OECD recommendations to improve the quality of regulations in the municipality of Torreon, Mexico (event)



24 June San Luis Potosi municipality scores 87% progress in implementing the OECD Guide to Improve the Quality of State and Municipal Regulations, Mexico (event)
18 June Launch of the OECD programme for regulatory improvement in the Municipality of Torreon, Mexico (event)
25 February Implementing the recommendations on improving the regulatory quality of formalities in the municipality of Hemosillo, Municipality of Hemosillo, Mexico (event)
12 January OECD and the Municipality of Metepec launch a new on-line registry for formalities, Metepec, Mexico (event)



10 December

The Municipality of San Luis Potosí keeps a fast implementation pace, San Luis Potosí, Mexico (event)

8 December

Implementation of OECD recommendations to improve business formalities, Municipality of Hermosillo, Mexico (event)

11-12 November

Workshop on the elaboration and evaluation of RIA at sub-national level, Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico

6 November

Seminar on Implementing Regulatory Policy at Sub-National Level, OECD, Paris

22 August

First progress report in the implementation in Hermosillo of the OECD Guide to  improve formalities in Mexico

9-11 June Workshop on Risk Assessment in Regulatory Impact Analysis, Mexico



16 October Launch event to implement the Standard Cost Model to simplify formalities and reduce administrative burdens in the Municipality of Metepec
26 September Launch event of the programme on regulatory improvement in the municipality of San Luis Potosi, Mexico
24-25 September Workshop on Competition Assessment in RIA, Mexico
23 September Measuring regulatory performance at the sub-national level: Benefits and challenges, Mexico
27 August Launch event to implement in the Municipality of Hermosillo the OECD Guide to improve formalities at state and municipal level in Mexico
27 February Launch  event to implement in the Municipality of Zapopan the OECD Guide to improve formalities at state and municipal level in Mexico


28 February Launch of the United States-Mexico High-Level Regulatory Cooperation Council Work Plan
January Annual OECD-Mexican Ministry of Economy Conference in “Regulatory Improvement and Competition as foundations for Competitiveness”


13 July Workshop on New Ideas for Risk Based Regulation and Regulatory Governance in Mexico
11-12 July Conference on Building an Effective and Transparent Public Sector in Latin America (see Programme in EnglishSpanish) Access pictures, audio, video, speeches
11 January Presentation of the “Guide to Improve the Regulatory Quality of State and Municipal Formalities and Strengthen Mexico’s Competitiveness”


6-7 May 25th National Conference for Competitiveness and Regulatory Reform
12-13 January Forum on Regulatory Reform


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