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Meeting of ASEAN-OECD Centres of Government: Driving Government Transformation through Good Regulatory Practice


9 March 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


This meeting was hosted by YBhg. Tan Sri Dr. Ali Hamsa, Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia. It brought together Heads of the Centre of Government from ASEAN Member States and OECD member countries.  Participants discussed:


  • How the Centre of Government can provide vision, leadership and co-ordinating capacity to improve the coherence and effectiveness of public policies; and
  • How Good Regulatory Practices can be used and mainstreamed into public administration for national and regional connectivity.


The meeting of ASEAN-OECD Centres of Government is one of Malaysia’s flagship initiatives during its year as Chair of ASEAN to provide ASEAN Member States with the opportunities to discuss how to make the Government deliver better policies that can support inclusive and sustainable development. 


This meeting provided its participants an opportunity to recognise the importance of:


  • The close co-operation not only between ASEAN Member States but also the international scope on regulatory reform issues; and
  • Implementing Good Regulatory Practices within ASEAN Member States as a key factor to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth within the region.




The Centre of Government is the body – or group of bodies – that provide direct support and advice to the Head of Government and the Council of Ministers, or Cabinet. The role of the Centre of Government is closely linked to the role of the executive branch itself, i.e., to direct the resources of the State (financial, legal, regulatory, even military) to achieve a mission that reflects a political vision and responds to a mandate from citizens.


The ASEAN-OECD Centre of Government meeting brings together the Heads of Public Administrations, Prime Minister’s Offices, Cabinet Secretaries, and Secretaries-General of the Government from across ASEAN Member States and OECD member countries.



Mr. Faisal Naru,
Senior Economic Adviser,
Regulatory Policy Division,
Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development



» Regulatory reform in Southeast Asia

» Regulatory policy and governance


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