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  • 29-May-2009


    Improving regulatory management in South Africa

    Two workshops were organised in South Africa in 2009 to discuss the issue of regulatory governance.

  • 27-May-2009


    Documents on regulatory reform available in English and in Chinese

    This page presents documentation on regulatory reform that is available both in English and in Chinese.

  • 7-April-2009


    Focus on Citizens: Public Engagement for Better Policy and Services

    This book provides answers to these questions, and more, based on a survey of governments in 25 countries, 14 in-depth country case studies and 18 opinion pieces from leading civil society and government practitioners.

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  • 22-March-2009

    English, , 1,624kb

    Regulatory Reform in China - Executive Summary and Chapter 1

    This is the executive summary and Chapter 1 of the report: Regulatory Reform in China: Defining the Boundary between the Market and the State, release 7 May 2009.

    Also Available
  • 20-March-2009


    OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform - China: Defining the Boundary between the Market and the State

    This review on China takes into account the specific reform needs and challenges in China while retaining the benefits of comparing and illustrating Chinese reform challenges with OECD practices. The report focuses on the overall economic context for regulatory reform, the government’s capacity to manage regulatory reform, competition policy and enforcement, and market openness. It also examines the regulatory framework in the

  • 20-March-2009

    Chinese, , 2,149kb

    中国: 概要及第一章

    This is the translation into Chinese of the executive summary and Chapter 1 of the OECD Review on Regulatory Reform in China: Defining the Boundary between the Market and the State, released in English on 7 May 2009.

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  • 26-February-2009

    English, , 449kb

    Alternatives to traditional regulation

    This report updates and extends the earlier work of the OECD on alternatives to traditional regulation, drawing on the experiences of individual countries in using alternative approaches. It also provides a framework to assist policy makers in selecting those instruments that are particularly applicable in different circumstances, facilitating the desire of many countries to reduce red tape and the burdens imposed on agents by

  • 4-February-2009

    English, , 1,093kb

    Overcoming Barriers to Administrative Simplification Strategies

    This guide draws on the experience of, and policy dialogue between, member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Middle East and North African countries (MENA). It reviews common barriers to designing and implementing a strategy for administrative simplification and offers 22 approaches to overcome them, providing a synthesis of good practices among policy makers and practitioners working

  • 28-January-2009

    English, , 423kb

    1998 indicators questionnaire

    This questionnaire was used to produce a series of comparative regulatory indicators, covering regulatory frameworks, impacts and performance of regulated activities across the OECD members.

  • 28-January-2009

    English, , 399kb

    2005 indicators questionnaire

    This indicator questionnaire is a revision of the 1998 regulatory indicator questionnaire on government capacity to produce high quality regulation.

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