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  • 3-November-2011


    Mejores prácticas en Sinaloa

    A continuación, se brinda una descripción de las buenas prácticas identificadas en el estado de Sinaloa como resultado de la implementación de las recomendaciones de la Guía para Mejorar la Calidad Regulatoria de Trámites Estatales y Municipales e Impulsar la Competitividad de México.

  • 4-October-2011

    English, , 2,304kb

    Hacia una gestión pública - más efectiva y dinámica en México: Resumen

    This is the synthesis in Spannish of the public governance review of Mexico which examines the regulatory framework in Mexico, explains how e-government could be used to find new approaches to old challenges, and looks at the challenge of professionalising public servants in Mexico.

  • 28-June-2011


    Israel-OECD Conference “Cutting Bureaucracy: Regulation and Services”

    Two back to back events were organised in Jerusalem on 28-30 June 2011 – a two-day Israel-OECD Conference “Cutting Bureaucracy: Regulation and Services” and a one-day workshop at the technical level on “Improving the Design and Evaluation of Regulation and the use of Regulatory Impact Analysis”.

  • 9-March-2011


    Brochure on Regulatory Policy

    What goes into sound regulation? What are the tools, strategies and processes that will result in regulatory policy that truly contributes to economic growth and society’s well-being?

  • 2-March-2011


    Strengthening the Institutional Setting for Regulatory Reform: Regulatory Oversight Bodies across OECD Countries

    Who should manage the RIA process? Who should be in charge of administrative simplification initiatives? How should Regulatory Oversight Bodies (ROBs) be designed, and be monitored? This Working Paper focuses on what the existing ROBs actually do, classifying them into core functions.

  • 1-March-2011


    Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) in Russia

    Two workshop were held in Moscow on the topic of regulatory impact assessment in Russia, enabling an exposure to different approaches used in some leading OECD countries.

  • 2-February-2011


    Administrative Simplification in Viet Nam: Supporting the Competitiveness of the Vietnamese Economy

    Administrative simplification in Viet Nam has reached a defining moment. This report details Project 30 and related initiatives. Using international comparisons, it explores how Viet Nam can rapidly bring about the full potential of Project 30.

  • 1-February-2011


    Administrative Simplification in Poland: Making Policies Perform

    To date, Poland has adopted a complex administrative simplification programme, based on methods successfully used in other OECD countries. It has two main streams: one focused on simplifying licences and permits, the other on measuring and reducing regulatory burdens.

  • 24-January-2011


    Guide for Regulatory Quality at State and Municipal Levels in Mexico

    The Guide for state and municipal public servants provides concrete recommendations of high impact reforms that can be implemented in the short term.

  • 26-November-2010


    Changing for the Better: Making Reform Happen in the Aftermath of the Crisis

    In his remarks to "Making Reform Happen", Angel Gurría said that "well-designed and well-implemented reforms yield a triple dividend. They lift output and employment; they strengthen public budgets and they rebalance global demand."

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