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Strengthening Public Consultation in Regulatory Decision Making in Indonesia


Public consultation is a key element of Indonesia’s regulatory framework under Law 12/2011 on the Development of Laws and Regulations. This is complemented by commitments to citizen transparency and engagement in its Laws on Public Service (25/2009), Transparency in Public Information (Law 14/2008) and State Development Planning System (Law 25/2004). Moreover, Indonesia was a founding member of the Open Government Partnership in 2011, together with the Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.


The OECD is supporting the government of Indonesia to strengthen public consultation in regulatory decision making through the development of public consultation guidelines. The guidelines aim to improve the quality of public consultation conducted by ministries and agencies in regulatory processes, as well as enhance the consistency of the approaches between different ministries and agencies – thus supporting improvements in regulatory quality and trust in rule making processes. Guidelines can also provide a basis for evaluating public consultation by individual ministries/agencies and across the government.


In order that the proposed policy and guidelines on public consultation have sustained impact, OECD support also includes efforts to establish internal government criteria to evaluate the adequacy of public consultation and increase regulatory transparency through the government’s forward regulatory plans. Criteria to evaluate the public consultation will help to ensure that regulatory proposals are only promulgated if they have undergone adequate consultation. Greater transparency in the government’s forward regulatory plans will enable stakeholders to be informed of regulatory proposals being considered.


This work supports the government to implement the recommendations of the OECD Review of Regulatory Reform: Indonesia and to adhere to its commitments in the 2011 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders’ Declaration.


OECD work on Strengthening Public Consultation in Regulatory Decision Making in Indonesia is made possible with the financial support of the government of the United Kingdom through the South East Asia Prosperity Fund. Financial support for the development of Indonesia’s public consultation guidelines is also provided by the APEC.


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