Regulatory policy

Launch of the report “Best practices in public registries and cadastres in Mexico”




The objective of the review is to identify and document best national practices in public registries of property and land cadastre offices. The review will serve a double purpose: first, it will help the Ministry of Social Development to communicate the achievements of its programme of modernisation and strengthening of public registries of property and land cadastre offices, hence helping to potentiate its policy objectives. Second, by identifying best national practices, it will establish a benchmark which will stimulate competition amongst Mexican states in promoting reform and improvement of institutional capabilities, hence benefiting economic and social development.

Conference programme


  1. Speech by Elias Rangel, Head of the Unit for Modernization of Public Registries and Cadastres, Ministry of Social Development
  2. Presentation of the National Monitor of Public Registries of Property and Cadastres by Eduardo Sojo, Head of the National Institute of Statistics
  3. Presentation of the OECD report “Best Practices in Public Registries and Cadastres in Mexico” by Ives Leterme, Deputy Secretary General of the OECD
  4. Speech by Fernando Ortega, Governor of the State of Campeche
  5. Speech by Mario Anguiano, Governor of the State of Colima
  6. Speech by Marco Adame, Governors of the State of Morelos
  7. Speech by the Sara Topelson, Vice-Minister for Urban Development, Ministry of Social Development

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