Regulatory policy

APEC-OECD Work: Phase 3


3rd Phase of the Programme: 2005-10


As part of the 3rd phase of work, an APEC-OECD Symposium on Structural and Regulatory Reform was held in Korea on 9 September 2005. This event was in response to the heightened priority given to these themes by the APEC Leaders at their summit in November 2004, and to their request for on-going co-operation with OECD on regulatory reform. This meeting, co-organised with the APEC Economic Committee, was an opportunity to see how the Checklist on Regulatory Reform can be used by economies as a self-assessment policy tool, and more generally, how domestic and international co-operation on regulatory matters can be strengthened.

Workshops and events held during this 3rd phase: 

  • Gyeongju, Korea on 9 September 2005. This meeting launched the third phase of the APEC-OECD Co-operative Initiative on Regulatory Reform, focusing on carrying out self-assessments using the APEC-OECD Integrated Checklist for Regulatory Reform.
  • Hoi An, Vietnam on 12 September 2006: Results of self-assessment in Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong China, and the United State, using the Integrated Checklist.
  • Cairns, Australia on 28 June 2007. The United States, Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong, China reported back on measures they took since they completed the self-assessment using the Checklist in 2006. Australia and Korea reported the results of their self-assessment. Policy roundtable and symposium focused on regulatory reform policy and competition policy.
  • Lima, Peru on 25-26 February 2008. Policy roundtable addressed the design of regulatory reform policy, and integrating market-openness objectives.
  • Melbourne, Australia, 3-5 August 2008, APEC Ministerial Meeting on Structural Reform. The Second Economic Committee meeting in 2008 was held later in August and gave delegates an opportunity to reflect on the Ministerial meeting and future work. 
  • Singapore, 19-20 February 2009. Policy roundtable with a focus on the implications of the global financial crisis for structural policy.
  • Singapore, 23-25 July 2009. Policy roundtable with a focus on administrative simplification.
  • Hiroshima, Japan, 25-26 February 2010, APEC-OECD Symposium: Policy roundtable on structural reform.


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