Regulatory policy

APEC-OECD Work: Phase 1


1st Phase of the Programme: 2000-02


The first phase of the joint work was launched in Singapore on 22-23 February 2000, and was organised around a series of related events. These focused on the first results of regulatory reform, implementing regulatory reform in APEC and OECD economies, and promoting information economy through regulatory reform. Three workshops were held as part of this first phase of the programme:

  • Beijing, China, 19-20 September 2001, on designing a broad regulatory reform programme, and competition policy
  • Merida, Mexico, 24-25 April 2002, on RIA and trade facilitation 
  • Island of Jeju, Korea, 16-17 October 2002, on Regulatory transparency and competition, and regulation in the telecom, electricity and financial services and High Level Conference, which concluded the first phase of the programme in Jeju Island on 18 October 2002


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