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  • 21-November-2012


    Global Forum on Public Governance 2012 - Better Governance for Inclusive Growth

    The Global Forum on Public Governance is a biennial OECD event bringing together leading public governance practitioners and experts from member and partner countries to discuss cutting-edge policy reforms. This year’s Forum will focus on the theme "Better Governance for Inclusive Growth", and will take place on 21 November 2012 at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris.

  • 29-October-2012


    Workshop on Regulatory Enforcement and Inspections

    The goal of the workshop was to gather policy makers and experts involved in regulatory enforcement and inspections and enable the exchange of experience among them to share approaches to inspections and their reforms.

  • 26-October-2012


    Risk Management: Illicit Trade and the Illegal Economy

    OECD Workshop on assessing the harms posed by illicit trade and the illegal economy for global supply chain integrity, economic growth, and market security.

  • 15-October-2012


    Capacity Building Seminar on Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA)

    The OECD with the Ministry of Economy, Mexico and COFEMER conducted a four-day seminar for Federal and Provincial officials, as well as academics and consultants, on how to conduct and implement Regulatory Impact Assessments

  • 12-October-2012


    OECD presents initial findings of the Public Procurement Review of the Mexican State Employees Social Security and Social Services Institute (ISSTE)

    OECD presents the initial findings of the Public Procurement Review of the Mexican State Employees Social Security and Social Services Institute (ISSTE)

  • 5-October-2012


    Regulatory Policy in India

    The aim of this December 2009 seminar was to increase awareness and understanding of how Indian officials responsible for regulatory policy can employ a "whole-of-government" approach to regulatory reform.

  • 11-September-2012


    Building Resilient Regions after a Natural Disaster

    This publication is the follow-up to the forum held in March 2012. It offers proposals to counter the effects of the earthquake shock, to secure the sustainability of the local economy.

    Related Documents
  • 10-September-2012


    Ex post law evaluation from legislative institutions

    This seminar discussed how ex post law evaluation fits into the broader regulatory governance cycle, in light of the 2012 Recommendation of the OECD Council on Regulatory Policy and Governance.

  • 10-September-2012


    Regulatory Policy: Chile

    This page presents latest developments in Chile: the assessment of ex post law evaluation with recommendations related to institutional, methodological and governance issues, as well as to seminars that took place throughout 2012.

  • 13-August-2012


    Brazil: Enhancing audits of government reports

    The OECD held a week-long series meetings with the Brazil’s Supreme Audit Institution (Tribunal de Contas da União or TCU) to present the preliminary main findings and policy recommendations of its peer review of the TCU audit of the year-end government report (Prestação de Contas da Presidenta de República).

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