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  • 27-March-2019


    La Integridad Pública en América Latina y el Caribe 2018-2019

    La presente publicación analiza en profundidad y de manera comparada cómo los países de América Latina pueden avanzar en la lucha contra la corrupción y promover un cambio sistémico, que reconozca y aborde los principales desafíos en materia de integridad.

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  • 26-March-2019


    Regulatory Policy in Argentina - Tools and Practices for Regulatory Improvement

    Argentina has embarked in a series of regulatory reforms to improve the quality of its regulatory framework. High-quality regulations can protect consumers and the environment without becoming burdensome for citizens and businesses. The OECD Review of Regulatory Policy in Argentina provides information on the policies, institutions, and tools employed by the Argentinian government to design, implement and enforce high-quality regulations. These include administrative simplification policies, ex ante and ex post evaluation of regulations, stakeholder engagement practices, and multi-level regulatory governance arrangements. The review offers policy recommendations based on best international practices to strengthen the government’s capacity to manage regulatory policy.
  • 21-March-2019


    OECD Review of the Victorian Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO)

    This OECD Review, commissioned at the PBO’s initiative, assesses the extent to which the PBO’s legislative framework allows it to function in line with the OECD Principles for Independent Fiscal Institutions.

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  • 19-March-2019

    English, PDF, 4,207kb

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