Public Procurement for Innovation


Public procurement offers an enormous potential market for innovative products and services.

Used strategically, it can help governments boost innovation at both the national and local level and ultimately improve productivity and inclusiveness.


  • 81% of OECD countries have developed strategies or policies to support innovative goods and services.
  • Only 39.4% of OECD countries are measuring the results of their support to innovative goods and services.


  • Finding and procuring innovative solutions,
  • Encouraging public sector organisations to be intelligent, demanding customers open to new ideas,
  • Procurers taking positive steps at the various stages of the procurement process to encourage innovation, consistent with value-for-money and the legal framework for public procurement.

Public Procurement for Innovation – Good Practices and Strategies

This report presents insights from the OECD Survey on Strategic Innovation Procurement and takes stock of the strategic use of procurement for innovation in OECD Member countries and non-Member economies. It also includes a framework to help countries in their use of public procurement for innovation. It includes nine actions that should be present in any sound innovation procurement agenda.