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Publications on Open Government


OECD Open Government Publications

2017: Open Government: The Global Context and the Way Forward (Arabic) (on the ARADO website)

2017: Towards an Open Government in Kazakhstan

2017: Towards a New Partnership with Citizens: Jordan's Decentralisation Reform

2016: Open Government: The Global Context and the Way Forward (also available in French)

2016: Open Government in Costa Rica

2016: Open Government in Indonesia

2016: Open Government in Tunisia (also available in French)

2015: Open Government in Morocco (also available in French and Arabic)

2014: Open Government in Latin America (also available in Spanish)

2014: Open Government in Myanmar

2009: Focus on Citizens: Public Engagement for Better Policy and Services

2003: Open Government: Fostering Dialogue with Civil Society

2001: Citizens as Partners: OECD Handbook on Information, Consultation and Public Participation in Policy-Making


Highlights Brochures

2017: Chile: Citizen Participation in the Constitutional Process

2017: Towards a new partnership with citizens: Jordan's decentralisation reform 

2016: Open Government: The Global Context and the Way Forward (also available in French and Spanish) 

2016: Open Government in Indonesia  


OECD Public Governance Reviews with a chapter on Open Government

2016: Peru: Integrated Governance for Inclusive Growth (also available in Spanish)

2016: Spain 2016: Linking Reform to Results for the Country and its Regions

2016: Northern Ireland (United Kingdom): Implementing Joined-up Governance for a Common Purpose

2016: Scan: Romania 

2015: Lithuania: Fostering Open and Inclusive Policy Making

2015: Costa Rica: Good Governance, from Process to Results

2014: Spain: From Administrative Reform to Continuous Improvement


Other related communication on Open Government

2016: From Open Government to Open State, Video produced for the launch of the OECD Report on Open Government: The Global Context and the Way Forward 

2016: Government at a Glance: Latin America and the Caribbean 2017

2013: Government at a Glance 2013 

2010: Background document for Session 1 of OECD Guiding Principles for Open and Inclusive Policy Making, Expert Meeting on Building an Open and Innovative Government for Better Policies and Service Delivery, OECD, Paris, 8-9 June 2010.

2009: Open Government: beyond static measures, A paper produced by Involve for the OECD






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