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OECD Public Governance Reviews: The Public Sector Salary System in Slovenia


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This report assesses the Slovenian public sector salary system.  It examines the salary structure; the job classification framework; wage relativities – level of compensation and method for determining wage increases, and the wage negotiation framework; use of cash supplements; use of performance incentives; and the role of social dialogue in bargaining employment conditions.      

Key messages of this report:

  • The public sector salary system is in need of significant further reforms, in order to strengthen forward-looking human resource management, support a performance-oriented public administration, and strengthen capacities for effective public governance.                    
  • These reforms should be a priority for the Slovenian governement, which requires sufficient powers to manage (and if necessary reduce) the public wage bill, as part of active policies in support of fiscal sustainability.
  • Further reforms should not weaken the central control necessary for coherence and transparency, or re-introduce the weakness that characterised the previous system.
  • For the reforms to be effective, broader aspects of public governance need urgent attentions: reform of the referendum system, the removal of remaining corporatist elements in legislation, and the development of a more effective relationship with the labour unions.
  • The reforms need to be set in the framework of an agreed, coherent and complete HR strategy - linked to budget management processes - in order to avoid a series of disconnected and sub-optimal processes.


 Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Key messages and recommendations
  • Executive summary
  • Chapter 1. Slovenia's macro fiscal context
  • Chapter 2. Slovenia's public sector salary system
  • Chapter 3. Findings - determining a way forward


 How to obtain this publication


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 Forthcoming OECD Public Governance Review: Slovenia


A forthcoming complete public governance review of Slovenia will analyse the operation of the Slovenian central public administration with a particular focus on the structure of the public administration, the relationship between strategic planning and budgeting frameworks, and the public sector salary system.


 The report is being finalised for publication and is expected to be released by early third quarter of 2012. 


 Further information


For further information, please contact Caroline Varley (





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