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National Schools of Government

Building Civil Service Capacity

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Published on March 29, 2017

National schools of government operate in a context of rapidly changing needs and expectations for governments, citizens and civil servants. Drawing on a 2014 survey, the report reviews how schools of government are adapting to address countries’ most pressing political and economic challenges. It analyses best practices, and includes recommendations on designing and implementing whole-of-government and organisation-specific civil service learning and development strategies. The report suggests ways to align learning programmes with the priorities of national governments, to enhance innovative techniques in the delivery and content of learning, and to ensure their stable and adequate funding.


Foreword and Acknowledgements
Executive summary
Assessment and recommendations
Setting the scene: Civil service learning - An evolving priority
Encouraging and supporting civil service learning and skills development
Innovating in schools of government programmes
Evaluating the success of national schools of government
National schools of government: Building relationships and co-ordination
Future priorities and challenges for national schools of government
List of respondents to the 2014 OECD Survey of National Schools of Government
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