Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development

OECD Global Network of Schools of Government



In response to the growing recognition that an effective and efficient public sector is essential for stimulating economic growth and social welfare, the OECD is increasingly called upon to assist in building public sector capacity to ensure responsiveness to government priorities.

To achieve this objective, we have brought together national schools of government in a Global Network of Schools of Government. The Network provides direct access to OECD governance expertise and enables exchange of schools’ experiences and good practices in ensuring that public sector employees have the skills and competencies to address current and future priorities.

The OECD Global Network of Schools of Government supports countries in securing the long-term sustainability of public sector reforms by:

  • strengthening the link between international policy dialogue and national efforts to build capabilities in the public sector;

  • informing the OECD policy dialogue with lessons and good practices on implementation on the ground; and

  • supporting international exchange among national schools of government and the policy-making community.




CREATE a professional community of practice by establishing an online OECD platform for information exchange;

policy dialogue between schools of government and the OECD;

current capacity-building and skill development activities; and

MONITOR in research and country-specific activities.


The Network provides a responsive mechanism to address current governance priorities and prepare public servants for effectively addressing current and future priorities, and citizens’ needs.

All institutions and organisations involved in public sector capacity-building activities and research may become participants of the Network.






The members' web platform provides free access to OECD policy materials and benchmarks.  Members are encouraged to share information on international standards, policy & service delivery benchmarks, comparative data and current capacity building efforts.

The web platform will facilitate countries' participation in OECD data collection activities, public governance reviews and other OECD work.









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